I work as a design facilitator, educator, writer and activist. My books include Design Activism and The Eco-Design Handbook. Currently I am a professor of Emerging Design Practices at Aalto University, exploring design approaches based upon openness, sharing and co-design/ creation/ production/ consumption. Participatory design for sustainability is a means to catalyse social well-being and alternative economies which nourish Our Commons, see Window874. Experiments embrace Mode Uncut and ongoing projects: a Codesign Manual for LADEC and SHIFT-Support Systems for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Transformation.

A new book Agents of Alternatives: Re-designing Our Realities is in press. Recent writing includes: Open Participatory Designing for an Alternative Fashion Economy, with Anja-Lisa Hirscher, in Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches; Design Activism: Challenging the Paradigm by Dissensus, Consensus and Transitional Practices, in The Handbook of Design for Sustainability; Co-designing Services in the Co-futured City, in Service Design: On the Evolution of Design Expertise.