I see co-design as a societal strategy for designing ‘now’ and ‘co-futuring’.  I welcome collaboration on projects.

Here are some emerging and on-going projects I am involved
with in 2009:

Design Seeds

design seeds logo

My concept Design Seeds invites professional designers and citizen designers alike to donate their creativity to the societal commons.  Participants attending the 2009 Co-design4… Workshops will be co-designing Design Seeds as part of their workshop experience.

I have registered a domain name, ‘’ and invite you to get involved in co-designing how Design Seeds can lever design-led eco-socio innovation.  Please email me at

Transition BRIXHAM

Transistion Brixham logo
Transition Brixham - Apple Transition Brixham - Bus Transition Brixham - Fish Transition Brixham - Hands

The Transition Towns movement is rapidly gathering pace as a global movement rooted in localised initiatives responding to the dual challenges of climate change and ‘peak oil’.  Since the Transition Network was launched in Spring 2007 over 230 cities, towns, districts and villages have formed ‘official’ Transition Towns.  There are hundreds of other Transition groups active throughout the world, including Transition BRIXHAM, a small fishing port in Devon in the south-west of England where I live. 

Transition BRIXHAM held its first official Steering Group meeting in July 2009 and participated in the first Car-free solar-powered Transition Festival  in Torbay on 19th September 2009 (which included a human-powered cinema!).  We have formed five action groups – Food, Transport, Fish/fishing, Young people and Recycling – and are developing a number of projects, including Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative which involves local land being farmed for the local community using the services of a local farmer to produce local food.