the eco-design handbook, 3rd edition

The Eco-design Handbook , 3rd edition (2009)
Released on 5th October 2009, the third edition contains over 45% new products, materials and buildings that represent the leading edge of eco-design worldwide.  Since the second edition was published in 2004, eco-efficiency has moved up the agenda of most designers and manufacturers, while the urgency of action over climate change and ‘peak oil’ are driving fresh opportunities in the ‘eco-‘ and ‘low-carbon’ economies.   This is manifest in everything from furniture and lighting design to mobility products and fashion.  The latest edition of the book also features an emerging trend for more socially conscious or active products and services, plus the usual extensive resources, references and web links.

Design Activism: Beautiful Strangeness for a Sustainable World

Design Activism: Beautiful Strangeness for a Sustainable World
(May 2009). Design Activism reveals the power of design for positive social and environmental change,design with a central activist role in the sustainability challenge.  Inspired by past design activists and set against the context of global-local tensions, expressions of design activism are mapped.  The nature of contemporary design activism is explored, from individual/collective action to the infrastructure that supports it generating powerful participatory design approaches, a diverse toolbox and inspirational outcomes. This is design as a political and social act, design to enable adaptive societal capacity for co-futuring.

the eco-design handbook

The Eco-design Handbook  (2002, 2004) celebrates the work of hundreds of designers, architects and manufacturers who apply eco-design thinking and practice to their creative processes.  With 570 products, 125 eco-materials and 147 eco-design strategies, this book is comprehensive in its global scope and detail.

the eco-travel handbook

The Eco-Travel Handbook  (2009) explores the options for low-environmental impact travel, 200 eco-tourism destinations and accommodation worldwide, and 100 eco-products for the traveller.  A profile of the selected eco-accommodation examines their environmental and socio-cultural credentials and a detailed resources section informs travellers how they can travel more lightly.

Contributions to other books

60 innovators

Fuad-Luke, A (2009)  ‘Green World’ in 60 Innovators Shaping Our Creative Futures , Lucas Dietrich, general editor, Nov 2009, London: Thames & Hudson.  Sixty creative thinkers, doers and makers are redefining the ways in which we experience our complex world. In ‘Green World’ I celebrate diverse eco-preneurs and social entrepreneurs that are re-defining and re-designing systemic approaches to design and enterprise to be more inclusive, participative and ‘bottom-up’.  Messages from the innovators, writers and critics are diverse but there seems to be a meta theme – shaping our creative future is happening by bringing people together in ingenious and meaningful ways.

Redefining the purpose of (sustainable) design: Enter the Design Enablers, Catalysts in Co-design

Fuad-Luke, A (Nov 2009) ‘Reflective consumption: Slowness and nourishing rituals of delay in anticipation of a Post-Consumer Age', in Cooper, T. (contributing ed.), Longer Lasting Solutions: Advancing Sustainable Development through increasing Product Durability  Gower, 2009.

Fuad-Luke, A (2007) ‘Redefining the purpose of (sustainable) design: Enter the Design Enablers, Catalysts in Co-design’, pp18-55, in Chapman, J. and N. Gant (contributing eds.), Designers, Visionaries + Other Stories Earthscan, 2009.  The chapter posits a case for finding a new purpose for design – ‘the real value of design is its process’;

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‘Co-design creates new outcomes, imbues artefacts with new affordances, encourages behavioural change and generates new societal values and enterprise’.

Buurma, D; A. Fuad-Luke and P.Mason (2005) Moor Art: Public Art Enriching Public Spaces – A case study, Mor Design

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Selected published papers and articles

Blincoe, K., Fuad-Luke, A. et al (2008) ‘DEEDS: a new Teaching & Learning Resource to help mainstream sustainability into everyday design teaching and professional practice, Changing the Change,
Turin, Italy, 10-12 July 2008

Strauss, C. and A.Fuad-Luke (2008) ‘The Slow Design Principles: A new interrogative and reflexive tool for design research and practice’, Changing the Change,
Turin, Italy, 10-12 July 2008

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Fuad-Luke, A (2007) ‘Reflection, consciousness, progress: Creatively slow designing the present’, Reflections on Creativity: Exploring the role of theory in creative practices, Conference 2006, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, the University of Dundee, 21-22 April 2006 published by the University of Dundee, 2007, ISBN 1 899 837 566, download pdf

Fuad-Luke, A (2005)  ‘A new model of well-being to help design ‘products’ that sustain people, environments and profits’, Towards Sustainable Product Design, TSPD 10, Centre for Sustainable Design, Farnham, UK, 24-25 October 2005.

Fuad-Luke, A (2004)  ‘Towards sustainable production and consumption: The role of craft designer-makers’, in Design (R)evolution:The Poetics of Materials, CD published as part of an exhibition held at The Eden Project, Cornwall, UK, March 2004

Fuad-Luke, A (2004)  ‘Slow Design: A paradigm for living sustainably?’, published March 2004, download pdf

Fuad-Luke, A (2003)  ‘Talking ‘bout (r)evolution’, pp36-40, newdesign, Jul/Aug 2002

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